Ganesh takes their successful Indian formula from Piotrkowska Street to the heart of Manufaktura, bringing their creamy palak paneer and spicy curries with them. Shoppers can rejuvenate with crispy samosas inside a new two-storey interior that is all shiny sleekness and peppy Bollywood grooves. Also at (C-4) ul. Piotrkowska 69.


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Ganesh Comments

  • Good restaurant! Indian food is really awesome and I recommend everyone who visits Manufaktura to go for it and check Ganesh menu.
  • It's OK the food taste awesome and worth of trying it in Ganesh.
  • Very good indian food if I visit Manufaktura I visit Ganesh it's the best there imo.
  • The Indian fix is rly good at Ganesh Manufaktura the localization is also good. 4me perfect.
  • Awesome everytime I'm in Lodz it is a "must try" place ) great indian food!
  • Amazing ) Interior is great and food even greater!
  • I think it's the best of indian restaurants now in Lodz.
  • Great! Ganesh at Manufaktura is just great. Food drinks everyone should definitely try it!
  • Nice shopping center there are many good restaurants like Indian Ganesh and many cool shops.


Open 11:00 - 23:00, Fri, Sat 11:00 - 24:00.




(+48) 42 634 12 13


Wi-fi Home Delivery Takeaway Non-smoking

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