Karczma u Chochoła

Lots of primitive wooden benches, animal skins on the walls, miscellaneous rustic crudities and a tiled floor create the right atmosphere for perhaps the best national restaurant in the city. The service is friendly and the food, including dinky bowls of smalec, large hunks of bread, venison, wild boar and a selection of traditional 17th-century puddings, is top notch. In fact, it’s such a shock to the senses that it comes as quite a surprise when you leave to realise you’re actually in Poland at all. Whereas so many folklore-themed hunters’ restaurants fail to deliver beyond the decoration, Karczma u Chochoła have bothered to get the whole thing right.


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Open 12:00 - 23:00, Fri, Sat 12:00 - 24:00.


ul. Piotrkowska 200


(+48) 42 637 09 19



Wi-fi Takeaway Outside seating Non-smoking

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