Leprikon Irish Pub

Leprikon Irish Pub

Fetching a great location on the market square, this Irish pub is a welcome addition to Tarnów - a city suffering from a severe lack of decent watering holes. Leprikon looks the part with lots of lucky green and dark wood fittings, 2 TVs beaming live sports, Guinness on draught (12zł) and even a full Irish breakfast on offer (14zł). In addition to the breakfast menu, this is one of a scant number of places on the market square that will feed you a proper meal, including daily specials, burgers and other pub grub. Though hardly original or wholly authentic, Leprikon's effort is still one most will appreciate, and symbolises a recent shift for the city from one that people are queuing to leave, to one that foreign punters now consider invading on holiday. Congrats, Tarnów.

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Leprikon Irish Pub Comments

  • We've been to plenty of Irish pubs in PL but this is the first time we've actually seen 'Irish Car Bomb' (Guinness + Bailey's + Jameson, 20zł) listed on the menu. We've never been so eager to black out. Also available at Leprikon: Bishop's Finger bottles (hey, that's not Irish) for 18zł.
  • Great place !


Open 10:00 - 24:00, Fri, Sat 10:00 - 02:00.


Rynek 16


(+48) 696 18 75 22


Wi-fi Outside seating Non-smoking

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