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WarsawPhoto by © jacek_kadaj/
Being members of the ‘our glass is half-full’ school of thought, we cheerily convinced ourselves that Warsaw would avoid its annual deluge of snow. This optimistic approach came crashing down in the days before going to press and with temperatures plummeting to the -20 mark, we can now declare our allegiance to the ‘our glass is half-empty’ brigade!

On the other hand it’s also quite exciting, especially in a city that looks quite stylish in a suit of snow. Walks around town take on a beautiful ethereal quality, with must-see places like Łazienki Park, the Old Town and the riverbanks of the Wisła making you think that Warsaw must have been designed with winter in mind.

Due to the conditions, it’s also a great time to visit the indoor attractions of the city.  The award-winning Warsaw Uprising Museum is a fascinating and memorable place to spend the better part of an entire day, although you may feel depressed as well as cold after you leave the building. Art buffs can happily spend an afternoon visiting the recently renovated National Museum, while for a more active indoor/outdoor experience, sports fans can take a tour round the National Stadium and then whizz round the massive temporary skating rink located on the pitch area.

Enjoy our freezing city and, to quote a much abused slogan, just ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’! While you’re at it, please ‘like’ us on Facebook (/warsawinyourpocket), join us on Twitter (/warsawiyp), and contribute to our by leaving us your comments. Or wake the sleeping bear by writing directly to

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