Słodki Słony

Słodki Słony
Exceedingly ornate interiors announce the arrival of one more Magda Gessler venture, this one with a heavy emphasis on cakes, pastries and chocolate. There’s guilty pleasures aplenty in this place, and all packaged inside a design that’s half Martha Stewart and half English country house.

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Słodki Słony Comments

  • The pastry display is so beautiful that it's a shame to buy anything so as to disturb the artistic assembly of beautiful colors and shapes. Everything is beautiful fresh and in many cases displays are color-coordinated. Such an arresting display will eventually entice all but the most obsessed dieters to buy something. The interior itself is so "girlie" with all its pink colorways and lacey curtains and doilies that I was surprised to see men inside drinking their mid-morning coffee. This place is the cafe equivalent of a Celine Dion concert but with excellent sweet things for sale. Also a wide selection of beverages is listed in the menu and there's a rack with various magazines that patrons can take to their tables and read. The pace is leisurely so the waitresses aren't casting impatient glances at anyone who decides to linger over the coffee and cake. Highly recommended for a mid-day restorative coffee cake and or cognac.


Open 10:00 - 24:00, Mon 11:00 - 24:00.


ul. Mokotowska 45


(+48) 22 622 49 34



Credit Cards Wi-fi Dogs Allowed Takeaway Non-smoking Air-conditioning

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