Duck inside Kafefajka and you’ll be rewarded with a bar that simulates a Turkish tent complete with jangly music and sweeping fabric hanging from the ceiling (and if you're lucky, a belly dancer or two). The draw here is water pipes with unusual flavours; we’re partial to the melon, but apple-mint and banana sound intriguing. The large space and open booths are ideal for groups that like to pass the pipe and indulge in Carlsberg or Okocim for less than 10zł. Also at (C-4), ul. Nowy Świat 26/28 pav. 20.

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Kafefajka Comments

  • My fav place to spend time with friends good music great sheesha and atmosphere. Wish to be there every weekend!


Open 12:00 - 03:00, Fri, Sat 12:00 - 04:00, Sun 15:00 - 03:00.


ul. Oboźna 9 lok. 101



Credit Cards Wi-fi Smoking place Air-conditioning

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