Castle Inn

When students grow up, grow rich and can no longer stand hostels, they stay in places like this. A dream of a hotel at the centre of Old Town you can expect big rooms, all with individual decor - some classy, some kitsch, all good fun - and - wait for it - velvet doors. Best of all though are the rooms which have the massive (and we mean massive) bathrooms. We dare you to find bigger bathrooms than those on offer here in any other hotel in Warsaw. Much like their clientele the owners of this place have also graduated up from hostels (they run the Oki-Doki). If this is what becomes of hostels when they grow up, bring it on.

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Castle Inn Comments

  • This is a lovely little hotel. Clever, creative and esthetically pleasing solutions to 'small hotel' issues. Highly recommend. So much nicer than the bigger chains.Bedside lighting would be appreciated.The only minus is the apparent issue w/ hot water (i.e. going cold in mid-shower) - unpleasent and should have it fixed>


ul. Świętojańska 2 (entrance from Pl. Zamkowy)


(+48) 22 425 01 00



22 Total rooms
3 singles
18 doubles
1 triple

City card Conference facilities Dogs Allowed Child-friendly

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