The Incomes House

If ever there was a sign of how far Poland has come then Plac Trzech Krzyży is it – lined up like diamond ducks are top bracket boutiques, a five star hotel, and a phalanx of Jeeps parked outside designer bars. This corner of Warsaw has it all, and standing at the top of it is Dom Dochodowy (the Incomes House), a glittering example of when old meets new. Essentially a triangular faced townhouse, the original Dom Dochodowy is thought to have been constructed back in the 18th century, before being improved on by Antoni Luciński – the supervisor of King Poniatowski’s private cellar. Essentially comprised of three separate houses (one facing Ujazdowskie, another Mokotowska, and the final one staring down Trzech Krzyży), the properties served countless uses over the years, including that of distillery, playing card factory and private laboratory for one budding Harry Potter. The building survived the Warsaw Uprising, but not in particularly good shape, and for the following decades was allowed to rot slowly away. Finally, at the start of this century, work was undertaken by the Platan Group to restore the structure. The results are fantastic – decorative plaster mouldings, polychromes and historic decorations all saw the master touch, while other details to look for include a floor mosaic making use of four types of wood, iron balustrades and period-style lampposts. Check the finer details for yourself by spending in the Zegna and Burberry boutique inside, the Ale Gloria restaurant in the cellar, or the stretch of cafes/bars/restaurants to the side. Look for it on pl. Trzech Krzyży 3.

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