A few years ago this would have been rated as one of the best Italians in town. Warsaw’s moved on, Chianti hasn’t. The foods not bad, but you’ll pay over the odds for dishes that are cooked far better in numerous locales. On the plus side the candle-lit vaulted interior is amongst the most romantic in town.


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Chianti Comments

  • Definitely one of the best places one could pick up to eat in Warsaw. I’ve been a regular customer there – as a tourist – for the past six years (this means over 30 meals), without a bad experience ever! Far from the many ‘fast food’, lounge attitude’ or ‘bling bling’ restaurants you can find every corner, this is a place for ‘gourmets-gourmands’. The cooks always producing very nice dishes, emphasizing the seasonal products, besides a very solid traditional menu, the waiters/waitresses doing everything they can so that you enjoy your meal! And the wine list is rich and affordable … And … no feeling of being ripped off as a tourist! Plenty of local customers!


Open 12:00 - 23:00.


ul. Foksal 17


(+48) 22 828 02 22


Credit Cards Wi-fi Dogs Allowed Takeaway Child-friendly Non-smoking Air-conditioning

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