Koło Bazar

Quality flea market held each weekend from dawn till dusk. Attracting buyers and sellers from across the country this is exactly the place if you’ve ever wanted to own a Prussian helmet or set of palace doors from India (yours for 16,000zł). What else can you find? We’ve spotted pre-war posters advertising Polish toothpaste, early 19th century postcards, prewar bathroom fixtures and grandfather clocks. Vinyl records go for as little as 1zł.   The golden rule is to haggle at all times. Paying the asking price means overpaying.

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Koło Bazar Comments

  • I think the information needs corrections in terms of running hours. Traders usually work on weekends from early morning till around 2 - 3 pm. If you'll come later you probably will find no one there. Just an empty square.


Open 06:00 - 19:00.


ul. Obozowa 99


(+48) 22 836 23 51
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