Złote Tarasy

Officially opened on February 7, 2007, this 250 million Euro project includes 225,000m2 of office, retail and entertainment space, with underground parking for 1,600 cars, and draws more than a million visitors each month. Located next to the central train station, the Złote Tarasy complex signals a bold shift away from the out-of-town malls found in Warsaw, and features familiar stores like Marks & Spencers, Aldo, Poland's first Body Shop, Hugo Boss, Van Graf and EMPiK. For leisure, visitors can not only visit Poland’s first Hard Rock Café which is split over 2 levels, but also a multiplex cinema and more than 20 restaurants and bars spread over 5 levels. Designed by Jerde Partnership International, the central showpiece is a 10,000m glass dome, fitted with a special mechanism to both filter sunrays and to stop snow from building up. 

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Złote Tarasy Comments

  • Hi all, on the subject of shopping, where's the best place to buy cigarettes in Warsaw? Cartons of 200 Marlboro, for example (proper ones, not hooky ones!). Ta.
  • Rob - we think you mean Kuchnia Swiata. Their website is www.kuchnieswiata.com.pl/ang/product.html
  • hi whats the shop called on the very lowest level that sells uk and us stuff etc please and does anyone know if any shops in poland sell mountain dew please much appreciated thank you
  • A very nice and stylish shopping mall
  • Great looking shopping centre in a perfect location next to the Central Train Station. The architecture is interesting and the glass roof/ceiling amazing. All the shops you need, Saturn the electrical store is on the top floor, M&S is on the ground floor and if you go down to the very lowest level you'll find a very specialised international food shop that sells UK, US, Thai, Chinese food etc. By the way there is a branch of this shop in Arcadia too! There is also an expensive healthfood shop that sells lots of items that are hard top find in the normal run of the mill shops.
  • Favorite peice of architecture in Warsaw. There is not a straight wall or roof in the place. A piece of wonderful engineering, with a calm and relaxing atmosphere.


Open 09:00 - 22:00, Sun 09:00 - 21:00.


ul. Złota 59


(+48) 22 222 22 00



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