Warsaw-Modlin Airport [Port Lotniczy Warszawa/Modlin]

The brand new Modlin airport  looks like a shiny overturned tin can nestled in a forest in the middle of nowhere, which is essentially what it is. After a clumsy false start in 2012 involving a cracked runway, it finally reopened in September 2013. WizzAir opted not to return, while RyanAir reactivated all of their connections.

The hardly used interior is clean, modern and well-equipped to handle international travellers with plenty of prominent signage. After collecting your luggage from one of two belts and exiting into the main hall you'll find all the services you could want: ATMs, an information desk, bathrooms, currency exchange, vending machines, four food points for more legitimate meals and car rental companies.

Those looking to end up in Warsaw city center have three main options for transport: grab a cab or private shuttle, take a bus to the capital, or board one of the green and yellow shuttles that will take you to Modlin Train Station where you then take a train to your destination. The train route is economical (15zł for shuttle and train) although slightly time consuming.  If money isn’t an option Glob Taxi is currently offering transport to the city centre for 99-109zł during the week (weekends after 22:00 add 30%).  Also recommended are Sawa Taxi and Taxi Modlin. For other private transport options check out ModlinTransport.pl or look up AB Everest.

Overall, the most practical means of transport is probably to take one of the several private bus services available. Translud is the cheapest overall transport option but Modlin Bus is faster and doesn’t involve annoying transfers.  For a full listing of Modlin Airport Transfer services check our our online guide. 

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Warsaw-Modlin Airport Comments

  • Modlin is an awful airport miles from anywhere, not least of all Warsaw itself and with few facilities on site. Its been clearly been designed by committee with no commercial or customer service considerations. It comes across to me as overpaid bureaucrats sneering at people for having the audacity to travel with low cost airlines instead of making them feel like valued customers. It feels like someones gone through some kind of check list without understanding the importance of the constituent parts of that list.
  • Private transfers are most comfortable and fastest way to get Warsaw from Modlin Airport. Try it: http://www.ModlinTransport.pl Price is only 35EUR 1-5 people to Warsaw.
  • I used AB Everest airport transfers last week from Modlin Airport to Warsaw Chelmska street. I paid 40PLN for a shared transfer. Very good service, quick, comfortable journey. I strongly recommend them.
  • www.ModlinTransport.pl Modlin Airport to Warsaw city center 35 EUR per car (1-5 people) Our rates are fixed, arranged during the booking process and guaranteed. If the transfer time gets longer due to traffic, closed roads, weather or other unpredictable circumstances, You will not have to pay more.
  • http://www.taxindm.pl/ Modlin Air Port ----> Warsaw New car , nice price , good&fast driver.
  • Transfer Aiport Modlin - Warsaw by minibus. Up to 7 persons (small luggage) or up to 6 (big luggage). You can order by the txt message or call 0048728515130. You can send a email as well: modlincab@gmail.com. Price: Aiport Modlin - Warsaw (Mlociny tube station) - 25euro (for all bus), Aiport Modlin - Warsaw City Center - 35euro (for all bus). Of course I can drive u were u want:)
  • Hi I used www.ModlinTransport,pl for transfer from Modlin Airport to Warsaw Centre on the 23rd November and a return on the 26th. Both cars were spotlessly clean as were the drivers. The drivers were very polite and efficient, loading the bags for us. I will definitely use this company again.
  • I was supposed to be flying out of Warsaw Modlin to Manchester tomorrow (Tuesday 22nd January) but I am a little worried about which Warsaw airport I am now flying from, I have conflicting reports saying it will be Chopin and then others that suggest Modlin is going to reopen. Can anyone help me on this?
  • www.warsaw-airport-transfers.plOnly 15 Euro from Chopin Airport and 35 Euro from Modlin Airport to city center. Door to door service and high comfort
  • Both Ryanair and Wizz Air have extended the period before returning to Modlin to 15th January. Modlin flight are currently leaving and arriving from Okecie (Chopin) Airport. Surprised IYP hasn't kept this updated as its crucial news for many travellers.Modlin are trying to get away with repairs to the runway and with the hope they can completely relay it in March. Dont hold your breath though.
  • Following weeks of continual distruption at Warsaw Modlin Airport, Wizz Air, the largest low-cost, low-fare airline in Central and Eastern Europe, today has taken the unprecedented decision to move all its Christmas operations from midnight 17th December until midnight 6th January from Modlin Airport (WMI) to Warsaw Chopin (WAW). This will assure normal winter operations over the Christmas peak travel period for over 55,000 passengers who otherwise would be subject to Modlin Airport’s lack of ILS infrastructure and massive flight disruptions and cancellations.
  • Modlin Taxi 24 are a rip off!! Weekday cost me 200 zloty approx £39. Certainly won't trust them again even having heard such good things about their service.
  • Airpot Modlin TaxiAirpot Modlin TaxiOrder cheap and convenient drive from the Airport Modlin - in all directions.Taxi - max. 8 people plus luggage.Order TAXI Modlin.Contact phone +48 512 475 321e-mail: taxi@taximodlin24.pl
  • Hi! Is anyone know how much is airport parking there per day? Thanks!
  • Hi If you are looking for the best way of transport from Modlin to Warsaw visit this site: www.modlinairport.co.uk/ You can find here simple comparison of avaible transfers. I founded it as a social initiative so I invite you to mailing me with advices and questions.
  • Hi folks,I have Ryanair flight that departs at 10.25 am from Modlin airport. I'm thinking of using the train + yellow-green bus solution, but I'm afraid that I won't be able to make it due the schedules of bus + train.The earliest train from Warszawa Centralna departs at 8.15 am and arrives in the Modlin train station at about 9.00 am.I wonder how much time it takes from the Modlin train station to Modlin airport? Google maps show a 13 min drive of 7.2 km. More importantly, at what time the buses start? :)Many thanks in advance for your answers.
  • I took a door to door transfer from the Modlin airport to the city center (with www.ABEverest.pl) for 40PLN/person. It was a shared taxi with other passagners. Very good experience! and not so expensive as a traditional taxi. They charge a little bit more than a bus but you travel in comfort.
  • I took private transfer (www.ModlinTAXI.com) from Modlin to Warsaw. Door to door service and high comfort. 120PLN to city center and bottle of water for free :)
  • I took this route twice, and bus to the Modlin train station seems as the best option for me. That is, i you are not in a big rush to get downtown. The train is super nice, airconditioned and brand new. For 12zl, well worth
  • It is very simple and cheap to get the transfers, whether the shuttle bus + train or the BUS.
  • Many thanks!I will be visitong Warsaw in late september and I was a bit worried about the transfer.


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