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Wrocław In Your Pocket

Wrocław In Your Pocket© Patryk Michalski / Dollar Photo Club
If this is your first time in Wrocław, prepare to get starry-eyed – this dame has it all, from high breeding and good looks, to cultural clout and an up-for-anything attitude. Reared at the crossroads of Europe and endowed with equal parts Austrian Hapsburg charm, Prussian pride, Polish playfulness and Bohemian rhapsody, it’s easy to see why every duke, emperor and chancellor in the land was ready to wage a war or two just to share a table with this Silesian lady. Situated sublimely on the Odra River, Wrocław easily holds its own with the likes of not-distant neighbours Vienna, Kraków and Prague in terms of postcard panoramas and cultural offerings. Here you’ll find more bridges than anywhere in Central Europe, a market square second only to Kraków’s in size, an entire Cathedral Island of awe-inspiring architecture, and a one-of-a-kind UNESCO-laureled engineering marvel, not to mention a full calendar of festivals and events and 135,000 university students pushing the local nightlife to unhinged heights. Having successfully stewarded the Euro 2012 football championships and with an upcoming coronation as 2016’s ‘European Capital of Culture,’ more and more people are discovering that Wrocław is the most exciting destination in Poland.

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Wrocław In Your Pocket is the best guide to the city on the market. Written in a witty, impartial and informative style, here you'll find almost limitless amounts of info on what to see and do while in town, plus all the history and cultural background you could possibly wish for. Best of all, the information we give here is meticulously updated every four months so that it is as current and accurate as we can possibly make it.

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