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Wrocław In Your Pocket

Wrocław In Your PocketOminous skies over the market square.
If this is your first time in Wrocław, prepare to get starry-eyed – this dame has it all, from high breeding and good looks, to cultural clout and an up-for-anything attitude. Reared at the crossroads of Europe and endowed with equal parts Austrian Hapsburg charm, Prussian pride, Polish playfulness and Bohemian rhapsody, it’s easy to see why every duke, emperor and chancellor in the land was ready to wage a war or two just to share a table with this Silesian lady. Situated sublimely on the Odra River, Wrocław easily holds its own with the likes of not-distant neighbours Vienna, Kraków and Prague in terms of postcard panoramas and cultural offerings. Here you’ll find more bridges than anywhere in Central Europe, a market square second only to Kraków’s in size, an entire Cathedral Island of awe-inspiring architecture, and a one-of-a-kind UNESCO-laureled engineering marvel, not to mention a full calendar of festivals and events and 135,000 university students pushing the local nightlife to unhinged heights. Having successfully stewarded the Euro 2012 football championships and with an upcoming coronation as 2016’s ‘European Capital of Culture,’ more and more people are discovering that Wrocław is the most exciting destination in Poland.

Having been around the block a few times ourselves, we’re just as smitten with this city as ever, and happy to pass on our inestimable knowledge of all this Silesian damsel has up her skirt, including all there is to see and do, plus impartial reviews of the city’s most prominent bars and restaurants. What you’re about to explore is the best, most all-inclusive and up-to-date independent tourist portal to Lower Silesia’s capital, so if you’ve no better companion, go ahead and take our hand as you wander this magical city. Or if you’re feeling really randy, put us in your pocket and enjoy the WrocLove.

As always, we welcome your comments here, or write directly to the editor at The full Wrocław In Your Pocket city guide can be downloaded in PDF format for free and there is also an iPhone app available in the AppStore.

Wrocław In Your Pocket is also active on Twitter (/wroclawiyp) or find our Wrocław In Your Pocket fan page on Facebook (/wroclawinyourpocket). Feel free to ask us any question you'd like about Wrocław, and have a great time while you're in town.

A Bit About Wrocław to Begin:

With Kraków now confirmed as The New Prague the hunt is on for The New Kraków, and fingers are pointing towards Wrocław. Long regarded by those 'in the know' as Poland’s hidden gem the boom of the budget flight has meant that the secret has finally slipped out, and Wrocław has been well-and-truly discovered by the latter-day European traveller.

This is a city with a particularly enticing storyline: through the course of history it has gone under five names, been passed between four countries and seen the naughty end of both fascism and communism. Only sixty-odd years ago the city was a smoking ruin, flattened during one of the most savage sieges in modern history. You wouldn’t know it, however: this is one of the most engaging towns in Central Europe, and it’s not rare to find it compared to a condensed version of Prague. Gothic spires soar into the skyline and only three other European cities can boast more bridges. Dominated by canals and twisting cobbled streets Wrocław stands out as one of the undisputed highlights of Poland.

This is primarily a university town, and some 20% of the population pretend to study at some institute or other. The student body add a defiantly youthful streak to the city, and the blooming cultural scene and nightlife are direct results. But Wrocław’s appeal stretches beyond atmospheric bars and classical opera houses; the local government have shown an aggressive desire to return the city to its pre-war heyday, and an extensive program of restoration and regeneration have seen the town emerge as Poland’s most exciting city. Which probably goes some way to explaining why it was selected not only as a venue for EURO212 but also as European Capital of Culture 2016. Find out more about the sights, the hotels, restaurants, bars & clubs and things to do all within these pages.

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