Wroclaw Taxis

Rogue taxis are still a bit of a problem in Wrocław, especially around the train station. Make sure that your cab is clearly marked, has a rate card in the window and that the driver turns the metre on and you should be fine. Under Polish law the driver is now obliged to give you a printed receipt for your fare. In some instances it is possible to pay by credit card but do ask beforehand. On the whole you'll pay an initial 6zł fee, before being charged from 3zł per kilometre. Note that after 22:00 you'll be paying a premium night tariff. Prices also rise on Sundays and if travelling outside the city limits.

Whether or not to tip your taxi driver is a bit of a point of contention. Many Poles do not consider taxis a service that necessitates a tip and thereby, if you're Polish, the driver may not expect one. But double standards being what they are, it's anticipated that foreigners will leave a tip, in which case 10% is appropriate, or simply rounding up the bill. We leave it to you.

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