In a battle with Spiż for best local microbrewery, do your drinking under the parasols of their prime Rynek real estate during the sunny season, retreating into the restaurant during those six months of the year when willful impairment is forced indoors. Continuing Wrocław's long brewing tradition, this outfit does it all on-site with wheat, pilsner and dark beers among those on draught. Prices are aimed at German tourists, and lager lovers that they are you'll find plenty of them happy to pay for the privilege of a good ale. If it's game day, you'll find Bierhalle's plethora of teles to be one of your best bets for catching the match.

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Bierhalle Comments

  • PadI have spent many years in different parts of Poland and have never ever experienced what you claim to have experienced. I am not into the Club scene so maybe thats where you have had your problems. You dont actually expand other to make sweeping genralisations. Bars are very good at displaying their prices and while what you pay may vary from 3 pln to 12 pln for the same beer that will be depending on the kind of place you choose to drink in. As for taxis they are metered and they dont expect a tip. If anything I have found the people to be more than honest correcting any mistake immediately. You will get dodgy places everywhere and no doubt there are exceptions of people and places in Poland too but they are in the vast minority. I have never ever come across the stupid English type of remark and in fact have generally always been treated with respect and decency. In fact for some reason they seem very enamoured with the English. Sometimes I do wonder why when I read this kind of comment. Some of the behaviour I am embarrassed to say you see from my fellow country men in Poland incluing mooning or stripping naked in bars or fondling Polish girls is not considered incredibly amusing by Poles. Strangely I can quite see their point. They are more formal than Brits but also very tolerant people. My rule of thumb is treat others with respect and they will return in spade loads.
  • They all do it in Poland! been 15 times, try someone trying to charge you 1500Zloty for 4 drinks i.e. around £80 per drink!! this happened to me in Krakow! they tried to lock us in club till we paid and threatened us with door man hmmm stupid idea, i train against doormen everyday, took my coat off and he soon backed down! they think where all born yesterday and call us "stupid english" I was learning Polish for 2 years! it always happens in Poland whether it be in bars, clubs, taxi's, restaurants etc Poland was lovely place until they started this, if they keep doing it no one will go back. They say if ur stupid enough to let them its ur own fault, your lucky with Policeman u got as alot take back handers. When your going out anywhere always ask to see menu and ask for prices b4 getting into taxi's.
  • In IYP was an ad from Bierhalle with happy hours (beer 50% off) from 3 to 5pm. I had 3 beer during that time, but I should pay 24zl. The waitress told me, that the special offer is only valid in combination with a meal. So I asked for the manager. He told me a different story. Allegedly he didn´t know about that advertisement. I offered him two choices: 12zl without stress or 24zl and big problems. He took the 24zl. But you should see his face, when I came back not even 2 minutes laters with two cops. It was about a one minute. A next higher manager gave me 24zl back.If you ask me, Bierhalle is a cheating place and the beer (I had the dark one) isn´t as good as described. That was my 4th stay in Poland (after Krakow, Gdansk and Poznan) and I never had problems like this in that country.


Open 11:00 - 24:00, Thu, Fri 11:00 - 01:00, Sat 10:00 - 01:00, Sun 10:00 - 23:00.


Rynek Ratusz 24-27


(+48) 601 67 74 52


Wi-fi Non-smoking

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