Akira Bed & Breakfast

Akira Bed & Breakfast
A thoroughly adequate log-sawing option just north of Wrocław's centre, Akira offers rooms for one, two or three people at prices fairly comparable to a private room in a hostel. The facade of the century old building sadly outshines the interior of the small, unmemorable rooms, but each is equipped with its own bathroom, TV, internet, bed, pillow and roof under which you've enough space to stretch vertically and horizontally: honestly, what more do you need? Breakfast buffet? There's that too.

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Akira Bed & Breakfast Comments

  • Really nice hotel. Clean and cheap. I loved pancakes for breakfast! they were really good :)


Pl. Strzelecki 28


(+48) 71 323 08 88




21 Total rooms
21 singles
17 doubles
2 triples

Dogs Allowed Facilities for disabled

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