U Szermierzy

You may be tempted to turn around and plunk down your credit card some place swankier when you first see U Szermierzy's courtyard. But to do so would be to miss out on the hotel experience you'll find yourself later telling all the folks back home about. Staffed by fencers (the kind with swords, not stolen goods - really what could be safer?), this is the local swashbucklers' club and you may be expected to be a spectator during combat training (if you choose not to participate, that is). As for the rooms, they're small and the beds are tiny, but who you gonna complain to? Located smack in the centre, ring the bell to enter this strange world.

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ul. Krasińskiego 30b


(+48) 71 343 49 89




10 Total rooms
3 singles
4 doubles
2 triples
1 quad

Wi-fi Non-smoking

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