Karczma Lwowska

Karczma Lwowska
Translating to 'Lviv Tavern' and dedicated not only to that formerly Polish city now lost in the wilds of the Ukraine, but also to that thought-to-be lost Polish ideal of a simple country lifestyle, this nostalgic restaurant's immaculately decorated interior is decked out in rustic, rural artefacts, antiques, old photos and seems to have a stuffed pheasant on almost every table. Designed for day-long feasting, the menu of traditional Galician specialties looks like an outstanding bargain before you notice that all side dishes are charged separately, however the result is still a decent value and evidence that not everything on the market square is a tourist trap. The traditionally brewed Lwowskie beer on draught comes straight from its namesake and is served in a large ceramic beer stein.


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Karczma Lwowska Comments

  • Watch out for the waiters. They will up your bill price and disappear with your change.
  • Service acceptable but not fully professional or super friendly. Dishes arrived 30 mins from submitting the order (we ordered soup and grilled steak). Quality vs price definitely not adequate. Both dishes ordered were too salty as if it was the only seasoning used in the place. Definitely would not recommend it! Not worth waiting nor the money.


Open 11:00 - 24:00.


Rynek 4


(+48) 71 343 98 87



Wi-fi Dogs Allowed Live Music Child-friendly Smoking place

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