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Moscow In Your PocketMoscow International Business Center
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Fast-paced Moskva is Russia’s political, historical and financial capital and a magnet for adventurous foreign business travellers, ambitious Russians from across the country, bright-eyed students from around the world and millions of migrant workers from the far flung corners of the former USSR. In all senses, Moscow is a melting-pot and its outstanding dining scene and vibrant nightlife reflects its cosmopolitan population.
A city of contrasts, Moscow’s busy streets all bear witness to Russia's turbulent history and dynamic future. From the medieval Kremlin and the magical golden domes of Moscow’s beautiful churches, to its tranquil parks, monumental Soviet architecture and modern skyscrapers, the city’s skyline tells a thousand stories. High culture courtesy of the Moscow Philharmonic and the Bolshoi Theatre, jaw-dropping art exhibitions and an energetic live music scene continue to prove that Moscow is really on the cutting edge. Whether you are looking for medieval history, communist nostalgia or high-rolling glamour, Moscow has something for everyone.

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