Rock'n'roll Bar

Dark loud and grungy, rock n roll bar is a buzzing darkened den of booze and rock with a clean and safe edge. The sound system is unusually good and pumps out very loud old school American rock and soul full blast all night long. If arriving sober the loud music and even louder chatter can be off putting, this is not the place for quiet drinks with friends, but once the liquer and Led Zeppelin kick in, it's the kind of roadhouse where you can find yourself downing 10 tequilas and then agreeing to all kind of wild ideas. Watch your bill very carefully, some of the staff here have been known to horrendously short change clients - especially foreign ones.

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Rock'n'roll Bar Comments

  • Good music, fun place. Was a regular visitor here until one night I wasn't let in. When this happens, they just look at you with disdain and don't tell you why. So go at your own risk, bearing in mind that this is an "exclusive" venue. I can also confirm the shortchanging. A glass of wine costs 200, and the second round mysteriously jumps 50 rubles.
  • Went to Rock and Roll Bar last night with 2 friends. We have a great time up to the point I ordered a round of tequila. The bill for said tequilas was 570 rubles. I paid with a 5 000 ruble bill one 50 and two 10s. No change was brought back. After about 30 minutes of waiting I searched out the manager. First the barman said he gave me change. After my friends verified he did not he switched his story to "I put the money on the bar and another customer took it." So I asked to see the security camera footage which showed this to be inccorrect as well.So the manager offered to buy us a round of drinks. I told her that what I really wanted was my 4 500 rubles change. She shrugged and said "I don't have it." I told her her barman took the money and never brought the change.She then told me I would have to talk to the barman about it and it wasn't really her problem.What the Hell??????????????? Next time you want to steal from me either make sure I'm really drunk or just hold a gun to my head!After discussing this with several other Americans and Brits it turns out they do this alot to foreigners.


Open 24hrs.


Ul. Sretenka 1


(+7) 495 233 76 97


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Credit Cards Wi-fi Live Music Air-conditioning

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