Beverly Hills Diner

A fat slice of American kitsch straight out of the movie Grease complete with a chrome bar, red vinyl seats and impossibly cute and friendly Sandra Dee waitresses in their little 1950s outfits. Burgers are two hand, ten napkin affairs which do have the tendency to crumble under the weight of the burger, bacon, cheese, pickles, mustard, pineapple...etc. The whole atmosphere, complete with the half-broken jukebox, neon lights and smokey booths makes this place seem very over-worldly. Also at ul. Nikolskaya 10 (metro Lybyanka).


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Beverly Hills Diner Comments

  • This place is one of the best American restuarant in moscow.i do remember how i was doing advert for this beautifull and charming resto.come one all,don't miss the taste food in there.
  • This place made me feel like I was back at my old regular pub near Toronto Canada called Melanie Pringle's. Will come back here again next visit to Moscow for sure.
  • This is an amazingly nice Restaurant.The atmosphere the receptive nature of the workers and the tasteful burgers makes this place what its is.
  • This is one and best American Diner in Moscow specially the kids play ground while kids are busy playing parents can enjoyed the dinner and some jack and coke


Open 24hrs.


Ul. Sretenka 1


(+7) 495 625 42 21


Metro station:

Sretensky bulvar

Credit Cards Wi-fi Takeaway Non-smoking Air-conditioning

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