Veranda 32.05

Hidden away in the rear of the Hermitage Garden, this large café-bar-restaurant is a great little wood cabin hideaway where you can while away the hours with gallons of excellent homemade lemonade and pots of exotic tea. The decor is pure relaxation - mismatched reclaimed furniture painted in pastel colours, a hammock and big sofas hidden away in the back - and the staff are so effortlessly laidback and charming, you really feel encouraged to kick back and make yourself at home. The menu is an eclectic mix of filling soups, simple salads and sandwiches, with spring rolls, grilled dorado and even breakfast favourites like salmon and eggs thrown in.


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Open 11:00 - 06:00.


Hermitage Garden, Karetny Ryad 3, bldg.6


(+7) 905 703 32 05


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Wi-fi Takeaway Live Music Non-smoking Air-conditioning No Credit cards

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