Apothecary Garden (Aptekarsky Ogorod)

Founded on the order of Peter the Great in 1706, these gardens are over 300 years old. Over the years, the gardens have witnessed all the turns of history, falling into disrepair during the Soviet years. Major reconstruction works were carried out in the 1900s. Today the orangerie with its tropical palms is a draw card as well as the carp pond, and the immense trees that dot the landscape and turn wonderful golden shades in the autumn. Several restaurants and cafes operate here making it a handy spot for relaxation whatever the season.

Admission 150 - 200Rbl (park and orangerie both included).

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Open 10:00 - 19:00.


Pr. Mira 26, bldg.1


(+7) 495 680 58 80



Metro station:

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