The Liden & Denz Language Centre Moscow

Liden & Denz Language Centre Moscow is thankfully located in the centre, not far from Belorusskaya metro. They enjoy a ground floor location in the same building as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, so behave! In terms of facilities and ethos, this is a modern language school with up-to-date classrooms, and all the accoutrements that can assist students. Dvd gear is in all classrooms and there's also wireless and flat screen internet workstations. Students can study in groups, of which the minimum length is one week with a maximum of ten students or learners in one class. Individual classes are also available.

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The Liden & Denz Language Centre Moscow Comments

  • My experience was great as you can read on EducationStars. Next time I will try the School in St. Petersburg as well.
  • i attended three days out of a five day beginners class and unfortunately was and still am unable to pick up the last two days due to a constant overload of work.i can gladly say, that these three days with your very professional and friendly teacher made it possible for me to form some basic sentences and understand bits and pieces in daily life; for this i am very thankful.also the reception here in moscow at your language school is absolutely professional and i felt warmly welcome.the only thing i can think of to improve is the entry door to the apartment; which has probably already been made going easier by now. everything else exceeded my expectations by far; congratulations!i already had and will definitely continue to spread around your address as a perfect way to learn russian.i still hope to be able to be able to pick up more courses one day at your location in moscow.


Open 09:00 - 21:00. Closed Sat, Sun.


Gruzinsky per. 3, bldg.1, off. 181


(+7) 499 254 49 91


Metro station:


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