Tres Amigos

With a wide selection of tequila and cocktails, a supervised kids room and a Latin dance show (Friday and Sunday nights), this can be a great place to wind-down after a hard week at work. The food is delicious, particularly the fresh guacamole with corn chips and the servings are large. All the mains come with a complimentary side dish although judging from recent visits the jury is out on the staff - sometimes they are bordering on courteous and at others they have been plain outrageously rude.


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Tres Amigos Comments

  • This place has nothing to do with actual mexican food, not even close... I have been to Mexico many times and should say that it's not even the Tex Mex version. Plus, the service was very rude and unprofessional. I would suggest you to avoid this place if you want to be dissapointed like I was.
  • This place was great! I lived in Peter for sixth months while completing my undergraduate degree. I love Russian language and literature, but not so much the food. As a frequent consumer of Mexican food this place was a godsend. There are actually a handful of Mexican restaurants in Petersburg, but the others I tried were all terrible. This one far from being terrible was on par with my favorite Mexican spots in the US. They have great Tequila specials and you can order in RusSpanlish. "Я буду tres Tacos и uno burrito пожалуйста." What's not to love?
  • Absolutely a great mexican restaurant. Best in town and maybe in a whole wide world :D


Open 12:00 - 24:00.


Ul. Rubinshteina 25


(+7) 812 572 26 85


Metro station:


Credit Cards Wi-fi Takeaway Live Music Child-friendly Non-smoking Air-conditioning

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