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Tracing a route around the city's most popular spots such as St. Isaac's Square, Avrora, Peter and Paul Fortress, these unique in Russia hop-on, hop-off red double-deckers are a great way to see a lot in just a short time. The route takes just over two hours to complete and there are audio guides that narrate the most fascinating facts and legends about St. Petersburg and its heroes in one of 11 languages, including Japanese, Chinese, Swedish, Finnish and Dutch. An added advantage is that the ticket is valid for a whole day, so you can plan your own city visit as you like, taking your own time for visiting museums, taking photos, lunch or even a beer on an embankment.

Start from Ostrovsky sq., departure every 30-60 min from 09:00 till
19:00. Adults 500Rbl, students 400Rbl, children under 12 years old
200Rbl. Tickets can be bought on the bus.

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City Tour Bus Comments

  • Very efficiently written information. It will be priceless to anybody who uses it, together with myself. Sustain the good work – for positive i will try extra posts.
  • it was terible !! we waited 2 hours and saw the bus accidetly going in another station.. the drivrr gave no explanation why he didnt stop at the corect ststion.. and no english speaker.. evetualy in one day of this tur we wait more than 5 hours !!! big waist of time and money (family of 4) i will never recomand this tur bus !!! you can see sant petrsburg pleastl witout this bus
  • We have enjoyed this means of sightseeing all over the world, so this sounds good, if there are English translations?
  • It was exelent, nice exursion. It took two 2 hours foк the whole circle. Audio gide on finnish and swedish are availabel.
  • I enjoyed it a lot! Though I am a citizen of Russia and have been living in Saint Petersburg for several years I must say that this city was lacking a service of this kind. I recommend it to all my foreign friends who come here because the quality of translations in all the languages is very high (not the usual russian terrible pronunciation!) and the thing that the buses work according to a fixed timetable is very convenient if you check it beforehand on the web site of City Tour.
  • We Took the City Tour Bus Abs we're really disappointed!! Since it was a hop on hop off we hopped off at the church of spoiled blood finished the visit and then We waited over 1 Hour for the bus and it didn't Show up so went by foot to Eremitage finished the Tour there and again waited 50 Min. in the rain for the City Tour bus because we wanted to Finish the Tour. Staff was also unfriendly and only spoke russian. From all City Tours we did all over the World this was the worst!!!
  • I'm not sure I understood the "2 hours interval between stops" thing. Does this mean it takes 2 hours to go from a stop to the next or that if you hop-off the bus you need to wait for 2 hours till the next bus comes?thank you for your help!
  • Dear Jorge,
    The audio-guides are also available in Spanish, Italian, German and French.
    - Editor
  • i want know if the traduccion is also in spanish


Pl. Ostrovskogo


(+7) 812 718 47 69
(+7) 961 800 07 55


Metro station:

Nevsky pr.

Facilities for disabled Air-conditioning No Credit cards

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