Peter and Paul Fortress

The Fortress is the cradle of the city and St. Petersburg’s first settlement. Now a tourist complex, it houses the famous Cathedral of the Saint Apostles Peter and Paul, along with numerous museums, galleries and spectacular river-side views. The proudest offerings are the large Commandant’s House museum which examines the history of the city and the smaller, modern and fun museum at the Neva Curtain Wall which focuses on the history of the Fortress itself. However, the more unusual Engineer’s House and Museum of Space Exploration are really very quirky and good. The Mint displays coin collections and the Printing Workshop contains printing and ceramic relics. Visit the Neva Curtain Wall archway for the best view, and brave a dip in the bracing waters… at your own risk.

Entrance to fortress is free. All inclusive ticket 350Rbl (ticket valid for all museums).

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The fortress is open 08:30 - 21:00. All details about museums and cathedral open hours on the website.


Petropavlovskaya krepost 3


(+7) 812 230 64 31


Metro station:

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