Yurievskoe Podvorie

Seated inside what looks like a fairytale Russian wooden hut, you’ll be served excellent blini, pelmeni (dumplings) and borsch by angelic looking wait staff in traditional costume. The place is very popular with tour groups, which brings down the rustic aroma a little, but they do offer a lot of Novgorodian specialities such as local soup recipes and ‘sbiten’ (a hot drink made of various herbs and spices) which are definitely worth making the effort for. A very good value place to eat before or after visiting the Vitoslavlitsy museum, Yuriev monastery and surrounding countryside. Also has a mini-hotel.

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Yurievskoe Podvorie Comments

  • We had a very nice cup of coffee here with pancakes and we even tried some of the local wodka's, very tasty. The only, but really good place, to visit here close to the open-air museum and the monastery.
  • Great place to warm up after a lot of chill after visiting the nearby monastery. We only afterwards found out it is a hotel as well. Good food, nice atmosphere, makes the trip worth while!
  • Yurievskoe Podvorye is cool! We loved the smell of wood and the fake red caviar was super! :) We will come back - thank you, Yurievskoe Podvorie and In Your Pocket for your great choice of places to visit in Novgorod!


Open 12:00 - 24:00.


Yurievskoe shosse 6a


(+7) 8162 946 066



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