's-Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch) In Your Pocket

This year ’s-Hertogenbosch will celebrate the fact that's its exactly 500 years since the death of its most renowned native son, Jheronimus Bosch. Our team of dedicated travel writers have written another complete guide with critical reviews of the best (and worst) restaurants in town. We sincerely hope that the hordes of culture aficionados from around the globe, descending on ’s-Hertogenbosch to see the largest exhibition of Jheronimus Bosch’s work ever displayed, will enjoy the guide as much as we did making it. As always, the reviews listed on the following pages are only a small taste of the hundreds that we list on our new and improved website, so if you discover a wonderful place on your own that we haven’t yet reviewed then drop us a line at denbosch@inyourpocket.com

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