Adventurous types will discover that this Indian themed cafe bar actually has about 5 storeys; mezzanine upon mezzanine have soft seating with Indian style cushions and ornaments. As expected, there's a very good selection of tea, along with alcoholic beverages. Again a meeting place especially good for couples, the Bombay is pretty packed of an evening from Thursday to Sunday. With relatively young bar staff you're ensured of a good chance of being able to order in English.

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Bombay Comments

  • I visited Nis in 2007 and I went to Bombay 2 or 3 times. The cafe was very impressive it provided intimate settings and beautiful design. It is a treasure amongst the hundreds of cafe's in the city. It's location is in an almost secret location (which is to say it is not as obvious as the other cafes) that is great for a date or to go with girlfriends. The hot chocolate is fantastic!


Open, Sat, Sun 08:00-00:00.


Koste Stamenkovića 1


(+381) 18 52 30 32

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