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Bled In Your PocketTake a swim in Bled Lake Slovenia
If there was a tick sheet of things a tourist or traveller would want from a place based purely on aesthetics, it would probably run something as such; big blue lake, idyllic island, iconic church, domineering castle atop a hill. Lake Bled has all of this, with the added bonus of the church sitting proudly in the middle of the island. It is one of the most popular destinations in Slovenia, and for good reason.

As picturesque as a destination can be, Bled is one of the most striking Alpine resorts going and offers something for all manner of visitors, be they old, young, those in search of activity or in search of relaxation. It truly is the dictionary definition of serenity. Slovenia’s only island is the focal point, a small haven with the quaintest of churches dominating the scene. Learn about the history of time telling in the separate Bell Tower before tasting some traditional Potica, a pastry nut roll with no end of fillings. Some 600m above the lake we find Bled Castle, the oldest in the country keeping an ever-present protective watch over the lake.

Of course it is the lake that steals the show, with its glistening blue-green water that is clearer than it has any right to be. A 2km long path winds around it, providing one of the most tranquil walks we’ve ever walked. There aren’t many more relaxing experiences than a slow stroll in the sun as the Alpine mountains reflect off the picture-perfect water. Don’t be put off by the ever-growing numbers of tourists visiting, Lake Bled deserves every single visitor it receives.  

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