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Summer in the City!

Summer in the City!
Get the free, unabridged PDF version of our Jun/Jul 2014 guide here. Did we mention that it's FREE?!?

We've pulled out all the stops and included all kinds of bells and whistles (and other idioms) for our massive new summer issue - the 36th time that Ljubljana In Your Pocket has rolled off the presses since our launch in 2008. While our largest guide ever undoubtedly packs enough up-to-date info from our local writing and research team to keep you busy in the Slovene capital well beyond your intended stay, we've also gone ahead and included nearly three dozen pages of highlights from elsewhere in the country should you choose to venture beyond Ljubljana. From Bled's fairy tale island in the north to the still functioning salt pans of Sečovlje on the Mediterranean coast to Medieval days at Celje castle in the east, we've got the best of our small but exceedingly diverse country covered - all of which is within a relatively short drive of Ljubljana.

Of course there's no need to leave the city at all, as in addition to the numerous museums, parks, shops, restaurants and other attractions in town, the summer season guarantees a ridiculously full schedule of diverse events taking place on a daily basis. From world-class classical music and opera productions on open-air stages to always entertaining street theatre performances throughout the old town, as well as numerous wine, art and culinary events, there's truly something for everyone, even fans of Billy Idol and Deep Purple! All this and we haven't even mentioned the biggest event of the year. Despite the noticeable lack of a spunky Slovene team being involved, the 2014 World Cup in Brazil will still be watched by some one billion people, with a proportionally large number of them doing so on the projection screens and TVs that will be set up at virtually every bar, café and pub in Ljubljana.

We've also got lots of new content to go along with the new design of our printed guides, including a special chapter for Ljubljana's foreign residents (or 'expats' as much as we dislike that term), the highlight of which is an extended interview with the US Ambassador Joseph Mussomeli. This year is an historic one for Ljubljana as well, as it marks the 2000th (yes, two thousandth!) anniversary of the construction of the Roman settlement of Emona, which was located in what is now the heart of modern Ljubljana. In honour of the occasion, the municipality and local tourist office have prepared a year-long programme of special events, exhibitions, tours and more, which we'll be including even more coverage of in future guides.

As always we welcome any and all feedback, be it on Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter or even old-fashioned email. If you have any questions about Ljubljana (or Slovenia) that you can’t find the answer to here, there’s no better place to ask than on our nearly 10,000 strong Ljubljana In Your Pocket page on Facebook - you’re guaranteed to get an almost instant response from one of our writers, a knowledgeable local or seasoned traveller familiar with the city.

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