Best Museums & Galleries in Ljubljana 2012

Best Museums & Galleries in Ljubljana 2012

In honour of the great Slovenian poet France Prešeren, Slovenia celebrates its national day of cultural on the 8th of February each year - which means both a work free day and free admission to many cultural institutions in Ljubljana.

With so many places to visit and so little time, we want to know where our readers prefer to spend their time. Which of the following museums and galleries are your personal favourite? Vote Now!

Also check out what's happening this (and every) week in Ljubljana, with our weekly English language event listings.



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Best Museums & Galleries in Ljubljana 2012 Comments

  • I want to include in my list Ljubljana museum
  • En mi visita a Ljubljana tuve el gusto de visitar la galería de Arte Contemporáneo Aksioma y quedé impresionada. Es excelente y merece mi voto.
  • Estando en Ljubljana ponderamos la excelencia de la galería AKSIOMA
  • Cuando viajé a Ljubljana tuve oportunidad de visitar la galería de Arte Contemporáneo AKSIOMA; es EXCELENTE!! Y merece el primer puesto.
  • Imaginative great staff a real surprise in the heart of Ljubljana
  • Very interesting and creative we enjoyed it!
  • House of Experiments rocks!
  • My favourite is House of Experiments and this is Law!
  • The best
  • The best House of Experiments!
  • muy original y creativo.Felecitaciones!
  • Many of them getting better and better. The contemporary history museum among them is for a year already breathing fresh air and extremly perspective dynimaics congts for that!
  • Marsikaj!

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