House of Experiments [Hiša Eksperimentov]

House of Experiments
Based on similar wacky, fun and educational places around the globe, the extraordinary House of Experiments features three rooms of purpose-built experiments for the ultimate hands-on experience. Visitors are free to wander around as they wish, engaging with anything that takes their fancy, whether it’s a giant bubble maker, electronic insects, dancing liquid or a machine that plays music according to your weight. They also provide what they call Adventures, namely small performances that aim to show different scientific principles, with enticing names like the Centre of Gravitology, Eggology etc.

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House of Experiments Comments

  • A great place, very attractiveAnd a nice way to present science!
  • Odlični so.
  • fantasticno
  • House of Experiments is the best.
  • Primer odlične prakse, kako učiti otroke in odrasle osnov tehnike. Zabavno in poučno.
  • :)
  • Prima so.
  • The best equilibrium between scince and practice ever in Ljubljana.
  • House of Experiments is the best interactive house teaching kids and adults basic rules as fun as possible.


Open to the public Sat & Sun 11:00-19:00. Groups can book special visits outside these days too.


Trubarjeva 39


+386 (0)13 00 68 88

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