Laguna City Beach

This large water park is located on the northern outskirts of town, but is easily reached by several city bus lines (6, 8, 11), and has been named the best pool in Slovenia seven years in a row. It boasts two pools with over 500m² of surface area, and a smaller third one specially designed for kids. The complex also contains a full-sized wellness centre with various spa and massage treatments (including a hydro-massage pool and jacuzzi), and a sports and fitness centre. Admission prices vary depending on the time and day of the week as well as one's age, and seasonal passes are also available. 

Admission €7.50-16.

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 Pool facilities open daily 09:00-20:00 from May to Oct. Opening times vary for spa and sports facilities.


Dunajska 270


+386 (0)15 68 39 13


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