Aksioma Project Space

Aksioma Project Space
Operated by the Aksioma Institute for Contemporary Arts - a non-profit cultural institution based in Ljubljana - the gallery is interested in projects that take advantage of new technologies in order to investigate and discuss the structures of (post)modern society. Exhibitions usually concentrate on artistic production that explores social, political, aesthetic and ethical concerns.

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Aksioma Project Space Comments

  • Felicitaciones por los importantes eventos que organizan en favor de la cultura
  • This kind of thinking, reflecting and evaluation what Aksioma does is very important also for us here in very north. Continuing the collaboration! :)
  • great place, excellent works, one of the few places in ljubljana that you should not miss
  • Great institution of course they choose me as one of temporary "curator" haha thanks and good luck
  • The Aksioma Institute for Contemporary Arts es una cita obligada para todos los amantes del arte y de los curiosos. No debe faltar en ninguna guía de turismo!!!
  • its more beautiful
  • Very interesting gallery!


Open 12:00-18:00. Closed Mon, Sat, Sun.


Komenskega 18


+386 (0)590 54 360
+386 (0)590 17 010


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