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Kyiv Beaches

Kyiv Beaches
Having a real Kyiv summer means enjoying Kyiv’s summer hotspots. Though the city is hundreds kilometres form the sea, the surrounding area boasts 75 kilometres of sandy beaches. Indeed, the trouble isn’t finding a beach, it is working out which one you want to go to. The selection is huge.
While searching for top quality facilities you’ll find no place better than the pleasuredome at Jeans Beach Club, down in Hidropark. Here you’ll find jet ski rental, sun loungers, swimming pools and bars and restaurants with waiter service. For those with simpler tastes the whole of Hidropark and Trukhaniv Island offer all sorts of little bays and sandy enclaves where you can settle down for the afternoon. Just keep a sharp look-out not to find yourself in one of the nudist colonies dotted around Kyiv’s central islands!
The best and the most popular beaches in Hidropark - where you can not only swim, bronze and play volleyball but also enjoy the beautiful environment - are Molodizhnyi Beach and Venetsian Bay, situated next to the pleasuredome at Sun City Slavutych. The Central beach on Trukhaniv Island is also good. There is also a children’s and family beach on the other side of Hidropark.
But Hidropark is not the only holiday hotspot. Indeed, nearly all districts of Kyiv can boast of one or more summer spots. Among the best are Verbne Lake in Obolon, Rayduha and Telbin Lakes in Dniprovsky, Troeschyna Beach in Desnyansky, and Sonyachne Lake in Darnytsya district. There really is a beach for everyone in Kyiv.

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