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Working in Ukraine

For most of the past decade, many foreigners took advantage of Ukraine’s relaxed regulations and didn’t bother getting work permits or even visas. Times have definitely changed, and stricter requirements and regulations have forced many of us to play by the rules. Many companies continue to pay in cash under the table, but will offer assistance obtaining extended visas.  If you’re planning to work in Ukraine for a long or indefinite period, it may be beneficial to obtain either permanent or temporary residency. For permanent residency you must be sponsored by a relative with Ukrainian citizenship or prove Ukrainian heritage - this can be done by providing the Office of Passport Registration and Immigration (VVIR) with the birth certificate of a parent or grandparent born in Ukraine and documents proving relation, i.e. your birth certificate, parent’s birth certificate, marriage licence showing change of name, etc. Though often complicated and time consuming, local and multinational companies can procure temporary residency for foreign personnel. No matter what category you fall into, plan on big hassles and a lot of time spent at VVIR, the Housing Bureau (ZhEK) and the police station.

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