Il Patio

Il Patio
Over the last few years Il Patio on Bessarabs’ka Sq. has been serving some of the finest pizza in town. The venue’s tasty Italian fare can now be enjoyed down by the riverside at Il Patio second branch. This dinning spot pays homage to Venice and even has a gondola in the main hall. The restaurant has a delicious salad bar and specialises in ’Antipasta’ snacks as well as wonderful pizza and other Italian dishes. Also at: A-5, Bessarabs’ka pl. 5A, tel. (+380) 44 246 43 27; G-3, Saksahans'koho 112A, tel. (+380) 44 594 20 87.


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Il Patio Comments

  • The most run of the mill basic tasteless "Italian" food ever frankly. After living in Italy eating this was practically blasphemy. Avoid at all costs go somewhere with people who've been properly trained in cooking REAL Italian food.
  • I ate at Il Patio for the first time four years ago it was good food quality and value wise. I usually used it several times during my frequent visits to kiev. but over the years it starts to go down hill and in my last visit I for the first time didn't go there. But to be fare I will try it in my next visit and see if any improvment has happend
  • Nice restaurant, very good service, good value for the money ...The food was good (pasta with duck, mushrooms and cremy sauce), but could have been more tasty - lacking the "edge". Had Georgian rosé wine - it was quite good, but nothing special ...
  • I ate at the Il Patio at Bessarabs'ka in November. It was certainly value for money but nothing to rave about. My fettucini was ordinary albeit tasty; my partner's seafood dish was average although the portions were much larger than I expected. The house wine was surprisingly good and excellent value. Service was prompt, friendly and attentive. Il Patio is a formulaic Italian restaurant with good average fare and decent prices if you're on a budget and not fussy.
  • Ciao !we stay in mid August and we eat SPAGHETTI ALLA CARBONARA, perfect ! like to be in Italy !!! Large plate ! fine cookimhg ! Dario & Roberto
  • The food is good value for money. The restaurant in Podil is spacious and a better ambience.


Open 11:00-23:00.


Ihorivs’ka 13/5


(+380) 44 501 74 64


Metro station:

Poshtova Ploscha

Credit Cards Wi-fi Guarded parking Takeaway Child-friendly Non-smoking Air-conditioning

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