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Lviv In Your Pocket

Lviv In Your Pocket
Welcome to a city of unique old-world charm; the scene of an accident where East broadsided West, but left only a dent. With its remarkably preserved Gothic and Renaissance architecture, gently bending streets and hidden ancient niches, Lviv is a Ukrainian city with a European soul.

Known as the centre of Ukrainian art and culture, the city boasts many of the country’s brightest and best museums, art galleries and theatres. It is also Ukraine’s Bible belt buckle - there are magnificent and inspiring churches and cathedrals on just about every corner. Although Lvivians have the reputation as church-goers, they haven’t forgotten how to party. Pubs, clubs, restaurants and coffee houses are plentiful and it’s usually a local who’s stoking the celebration into the early morning hours.

Lviv has had an enthralling and violent history. Founded in honour of his son Lev by King Danylo of Galicia in the early 13th Century, the city was subsequently ruled by Poland, Sweden, the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. The dubious Hitler–Stalin Pact of 1939 granted control of Lviv to the Soviet Union. This occupation spurred numerous resistance movements in the 1940s and 50s including the much celebrated and controversial Ukrainian Insurgent Army. With the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, freedom was finally realized. Lviv continues to be a shining example of independence and Ukraine owes much of its contemporary identity to the stream of patriotism which emanates from this radical western gem.

This Spring marks the final countdown the Euro 2012 football competition for Ukraine and its co-host, Poland. As one of Ukraine’s host cities, Lviv anxiously awaits the excited, joyous surge expected to fill the city. New hotels have opened their doors, a completely new stadium has been built along with a totally renovated airport scheduled to open in April 2012. It really took a miracle for the city to preserve its unique atmosphere and at the same time make such fascinating changes. We at In Your Pocket have been happy to see these changes through last 3 years and we will do our best to give our readers the most essential and comprehensive information in the future.

Vitayemo u Lvovi! Welcome to Lviv!

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