Arriving by train

With platforms wrapped in lofty steel awnings, run down trains and suspicious glances, arriving to Lviv’s central rail station can be like stepping into a Cold War era spy movie. Once the nostalgia has worn off, exit the platforms by proceeding down the stairs then follow the exit signs to the station’s halls.

Getting to town Getting from the station to centre is relatively easy. Taxis are abundant near the main exit. A gauntlet of taxi drivers await at the exit of the main hall. A trip to centre should cost around 30Hr and Lviv’s cabbies are much friendlier and less scheming than those in other major Ukrainian cities. The parking lot beyond the cabbies is bustling with busses and mini-busses, most of which connect to outlaying cities, towns and villages. Your best public transport option is tram No. 1, which heads directly to centre. The same tram with a different name, No. 9, takes passengers in the opposite direction from centre to the train station.

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