Old City Hostel

A great deal for backpackers and those on a limited budget. It’s located right smack dab in the middle of the “old city”. We found it warm and cosy with a very friendly English speaking staff. All rooms were modern and clean. There’s a communal kitchen and Wi-Fi and breakfast is included. There are 2 private rooms for two for 300-370Hr. A bed in a communal room costs from 80-150Hr per night for rooms holding from 4-16 people. There’s a 10% discount if one books online and a discount for those staying 3 days or longer. Open 24 hours. 

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Beryndy 3, app. 7


(+380) 32 294 96 44
(+380) 93 259 35 00
fax:(+380) 32 235 77 88




doubles 300 - 370Hr
quads 120 - 150Hr
6-bed dorm 110 - 130Hr
10-bed dorm 100 - 120Hr
16-bed dorm 80 - 100Hr

Credit Cards Wi-fi

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