National Museum [Natsional'nyi muzey]

The National Museum was originally established in 1905 as a private collection for the church by metropolitan Andrei Sheptytsky. It was later transferred to the city in 1913. Throughout its more than 100 years of existence an extraordinary 130 thousand exhibits have been collected. The museum’s pride is also Ukraine’s largest display of Ukrainian sacral art, which dates from the 12th-18th centuries. Icons, sculptures, manuscripts and decorative carvings immortalize Ukraine’s religious past. The museum’s branch located at Drahomanova 42 houses a collection of Ukrainian modern art. Most notable are the paintings of renowned 20th century Ukrainian masters. Tours are available in English, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian.

Admission 17Hr, students 6.50Hr.

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Open 10:00 - 18:00. Closed Mon.


Svobody prosp. 20


(+380) 32 235 88 56


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