Near the Latin Cathedral - one of the most beautiful Lviv Catholic churches and right in the heart of the city, a covered summer terrace of this popular restaurant catches the eye immediately. With one of the most eclectic menus of Galicia, it's hard to go wrong and the pork steak Amadeus comes highly recommended. Familiarity in service standards, a fantastic breakfast/brunch menu and a posh but not too over the top atmosphere make this a popular expat haunt. It is also a favourite place of many politicians, businessmen and diplomats. US ambassador to Ukraine likes visiting Amadeus while staying in Lviv.

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Amadeus Comments

  • Great food, good service! The menu looked so good that we ordered more than we could possibly eat including desert . Love potato pancakes and theirs are the best, still trying to find a recipe for ones like them.
  • very nice location inside is a bit small but good food what you would expect from a sister restaurant of Veronika
  • Wonderful food, great music and friendly staff, my home from home!


Open 10:00 - 23:00.


Katedral’na pl. 7


(+380) 32 261 50 22

Credit Cards Outside seating Air-conditioning

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