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The classic Ukrainian khata (hut) ambiance and attentive service make this a fine choice for those looking to sample the local cuisine. The only drawbacks are its locale, just far enough from old town to make you think twice, and the prices are slightly above average. Many of the main courses - king salmon steak, “Cossack” beefsteak, pork ribs - are priced per 100 grams. Traditional soups, salads and horilka (vodka) are plentiful and the fresh squeezed juices and chocolate cake are worth adding to the order. Banquets can be booked for up to 25, and the banquet menu is loaded with delights such as stuffed sturgeon, baked piglet and specialty duck, goose and turkey dishes. Menus in English are available upon request.

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  • This real Ukrainian traditional cuisine)))First time in my life tried jellied tongue andmarinated patisony (delicious and unusual dish for Americans!). The restaurant interior is very colorful! a true Ukrainian. I highly recommend.


Open 10:00 - 23:00.


Stepana Bandery 9


(+380) 32 297 55 58


Credit Cards Takeaway Live Music Fireplace Non-smoking Air-conditioning

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