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The Amsterdam Dungeon

The Amsterdam Dungeon
If you’ve ever been to a haunted house or similar attraction, then you’ll get the general idea behind this interactive journey through the darker side of 17th-century Amsterdam. But before you enter, bear in mind that the experience isn’t really appropriate for children under 10, you will definitely be called on by one of the actors to participate in some way and the long walk through this gruesome maze can take over an hour of your time so definitely visit the toilets, as they recommend, before embarking on your adventure. Inside you’ll see medieval inquisitors, ghosts, quack doctors, pirates, plague victims and other assorted rogues from the city’s distant history and learn about Rembrandt’s shocking secret followed by a roller coaster ride in the dark!

Admission: adults €14.70 - 21, children €11.20 - 16. Last tour at 17:00.

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Open 11:00-17:00.


Rokin 78


(+31) 205 30 85 00


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