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The Parrot: Church of Sts. Peter and Paul [De Papegaai]

The Parrot: Church of Sts. Peter and Paul
In stark contrast to the non-stop racket heard from shoppers outside on the tireless Kalverstraat, this well-hidden church is a small oasis of peace and quiet. Its clandestine appearance is intentional as it was one of several underground Catholic churches that had to conceal their existence from Protestant persecution, hence its code name – the Parrot. It is typically narrow, like most Amsterdam buildings, which is the reason for the extensive seating galleries overlooking the main hall from above. Although its interior isn’t as grand as other Catholic churches in the area, it’s a quiet escape from the hordes of people stuffing their faces at McDonald’s across the street. Just look for the tile mosaic to find the entrance.

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Open 10:00-16:00, Sun 09:45-13:30.


Kalverstraat 58


(+31) 206 23 18 89

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