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Ristorante Peppino

Ristorante Peppino
Decorated with Madonnas, saints, terracotta tiles, giant aquariums between tables and, of all things, a Roberto Baggio national team strip, this cosy restaurant is kitschy, yet inviting. Italian men, true to their stereotype, either flirt or cajole in a variety of ways and languages, occasionally in their own, to lure passers-by inside, but once there, the incredible selection and quality of pizzas, pastas and main courses won’t disappoint. Football fans can also watch the beautiful game on a large flat screen TV on match days. Try one of the affordable three-course specials, which often include a glass of wine.

(€8 - 15)

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Open 12:00-24:00.


Leidsekruisstraat 30 - 32


(+31) 206 27 11 75


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