Flevo Park [Flevopark]

Flevo Park
What was once the final resting place for many of the city’s Jewish population is now an expansive park and nature reserve criss-crossed by walking and cycling paths. A few itinerant old buildings also dot the landscape, but it seems that nature has reclaimed much of the area, including most of the old cemetery where roughly 200,000 people were buried, although some of its headstones are now being restored. A large swimming pool is also located within the precincts of the park complex, but most people seem to come here to jog or walk their dogs. Another reason to come, however, is to visit the fantastic ‘t NEW Diep Distillery (open 15:00 - 18:00, Sat, Sun 12:00 - 18:00; closed Mon) located in a former pump house. A playground is also available, not to mention the Zeeburg campground at the far end of the park, and ornithologists often drop by to catch a glimpse of rare and protected birds here.

Open from sunrise to sunset.

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Between Valentijkade, Flevoweg and Zuiderzeeweg


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