Ziggo Dome

Ziggo Dome
The first artists to perform at the Ziggo Dome concert hall included such household names as Sting, Pearl Jam, Madonna and Radiohead. This is a good indication of the important role Ziggo now plays in the cultural and musical life of Amsterdam and the Netherlands. With a capacity for 17,000 people you wouldn't expect an intimate atmosphere here, yet somehow that's exactly what this Black Box, as it's already popularly known, has achieved. You won't find a centimetre of grey concrete anywhere and everything inside the hall is completely black. Another big and pleasant difference from typical halls is its upholstered chairs. The Ziggo Dome consists of a section with standing room and two rings. The ground level can accommodate 7,500 people and the rings can seat 4,830 and 4,700 visitors, respectively. During some of the less popular concerts, the higher rings are closed off with a black curtain. A hospitality room is located next to the large hall where artists can have their own after party. Even the number of toilets is flexible!

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